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AMOR began over 34 years ago. The mission was created to support local churches in the Amazon Valley for the spread of the Gospel. 


Dr. Richard Walker said, “People will not believe the words of your mouth, until they feel the touch of your hand”. We walk alongside local pastors and missionaries, encouraging, equipping, instructing for the work they are doing in the Amazon.


We also provide medical, dental, food, clean water and community development projects to champion the Gospel across the Amazon. The gospel is preached, and villages are transformed. We want to do so much more and believe many will want to invest in this great work.

This is why we ​want to invite you to “Join The Boat”. This is the committed core of Intercessors, Advocates, and Investors of the AMOR Family. You can turn your passion into action with these three simple commitments.

Become an AMOR…


Pray that the Lord will mightily use the AMOR leadership and teams to spread the gospel.


​Share the AMOR story within your sphere of influence and encourage others to contribute.


Financially support the mission through a monthly or yearly recurring investment.

Your praying, sharing, and giving continues to transform lives on the river. We love and appreciate you

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