Opportunity to serve.

Hello friends,

Did you know that you can be God's hands touching riverine families at a time that is perhaps the most critical in recent months?

You may not know how, just as we didn't know until we received the latest updates from our riverside friends and their families.

File: Amor Brazil

The arrival of the rainy season in our Amazon region, which intensifies at the beginning of the year, brings an increase in the cases of the disease popularly known as viruses that usually present strong non-specific symptoms, such as fever, body aches, headaches, and sore throats. And with the arrival of the new Covid variants, the queues at hospitals have started to increase again and also the demand for medicines has become more and more expensive, making it unaffordable for the neediest families to buy them.

Today we have received news that many riverside families in the communities we serve have been infected by these viruses. By the grace of God many have recovered, but many other families are in need of emergency support and basic medicines as the cases of infection increase.

Faced with this situation that our region is going through, we once again see the opportunity to serve our dear brothers and sisters on the river. Our team has begun to mobilize, we are verifying the necessary medicines, and we will begin to raise funds for the purchase and shipment.

You can be a part of what God is doing to touch these families, for many it may seem like just an adverse moment, but as children of God, we see this as an opportunity given by Him to love our riverside brothers and sisters and reach the lost for the glory of God.

Join us in this Kingdom walk with your contribution, contact us http://vaka.me/2677081 .