Fellowship, care and faith.

This past year, in the midst of so much loss and uncertainty, we have had opportunities to strengthen our fellowship, empower ourselves as a team, and develop projects to better serve our local pastor friends and their churches.

Photo: Kembely Sicsu

In our weekly meetings we prayed a lot for the ministries we have served over the years that they might become autochthonous and self-sustaining, and that we might join in serving as intentional support for this movement of reaching communities where the gospel is not yet part of lives in these many waters.

A few weeks ago one of our riverbank pastors became very ill and had to be hospitalized several times, extremely fatigued, and was unable to continue the ministry work. Certainly this dear brother needed to take some time off to take care of his health, and to be cared by his family and local church.

We received the good news that this dear church decided to support their pastor with their support and care for his family, the brothers took on greater responsibilities, taking a new step of faith in their ministry of caring for the local church and continuing the work of visiting the mission fields that the local church has given of itself and serving.

It is the Lord answering our prayers allowing us to see and participate in His Kingdom to the praise of His Glory.