We’re glad to share about the events that have been happening in the churches we serve. Ourfield coordinator, Pastor Pedro and his wife Luiza had the opportunity to visit one of our partnerchurches. We visited pastor Heraldo in the community of Lago do Castanho in the state of Pará.

A week full of teaching, encouragment, sustainable work and relationship building.

We visit pastors on the mission field so we walk with them, love on them, share life with them, and take care of their mental and spiritual health. It builds relationships.

In the picture above, Luiza is having quality time with pastor Heraldo that went through a hard time with his daughter who had to have an emergency gallbladder surgery. By God’s grace we were able send the resources they needed to stay a few days in the city. Praise God!

As a sustainability project, the village learned how to make soap and cleaning agents for their own use.

This village also received clean drinking water. With the help of Hardin Baptist Church, in Kentucky, we were blessed with the resources needed to do the work.

We are glad to share what God is doing in these places through your prayers and support.Thank you for being the bridge between the church in the US and the church in Brazil. All for the spread of the kingdom of God in the Amazon.

In Christ,

AMOR Team.