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Who We Are
Mission (What We Do)
Building partnerships that champion the Gospel across the Amazon.
Vision (Where God is Taking Us)
We exist to spread the Gospel throughout the Amazon, building healthy partnerships and transforming communities spiritually, socially and economically. To achieve these goals, we must continue to be a healthy and ever more serious organization, with people skilled in the right places, who dream the dreams of God with us, whose heart burns for the salvation of the peoples of the Amazon. People like this help us to move forward!
Values (Why We Do This)
“One of the best working definitions of poverty is not just a lack of money or options but a lack of a dream, a vision, a hope.” Alan Hirsch

People don't need to be rich, but must have dignity. The riverbank peoples are one of the most marginalized people-groups in Brazil. We exist to bring hope for a better future in the Amazon Valley by:
1) Serving the Church partnering in evangelism and training.
2) Serving Societyshowing compassion and promoting justice.

Strategy (How we Do It)
We carry out our mission through the ministries we offer.

Cross-Cultural Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Medical/Dental care
  • Bible Studies/Leadership training
  • Water treatment/Health-Hygiene education
  • Community Development Projects
Mentorship - Empowering local ministers through mentoring and support.
Leadership Training – Through the RBBI(River Bank Bible Institute) for local church leaders.
Community Development – Programs designed to bring material transformation to the communities we serve.

Foundations of our Faith

Although we are an interdenominational organization, we cling to the basic foundations of the Christian faith. We do not exclude churches or organizations based on their denominational orientation, but in order for us to work together, we must agree on these basic articles of faith.

God: The one true and living God exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This God created and sustains the universe.

Jesus Christ: The deity of Jesus Christ (including His virgin birth), and without ceasing to be God, He became man in order that He might reveal God and redeem sinful man.

Trinity: The Christian doctrine of the Trinity of the Godhead--God is one and yet exists eternally in three persons having the same nature, attributes, and perfections, and equal in power and glory.

Hope: The substitutionary atonement of Christ's death on the cross is the only hope of redemption for all mankind: that we are saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

Resurrection: The literal, bodily (in the identical, though glorified, physical body in which He was crucified) resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Inerrancy: The divine inspiration, inerrancy (in the original autographs), and infallibility of Scripture.

Second Coming: The literal (bodily & personal) future return of Christ in the Second Advent.

Heaven and Hell: Are literal and real.


Short-term Missions with Long-term Commitment
 We believe that partnerships between churches should go deeper than just a trip once a year. We encourage a relationship between the churches where they can encourage each other, even from a great distance. Working in areas with leadership and acting church, with the focus of revitalizing and equipping the church for a missionary and kingdom vision. Empowering them to reach out to the unreached from within their own community.

Evangelism, Descipleship and Church Planting

Medical/Dental Care

Biblical training and Leadership Development

Clean Water/Health & Hygiene Education

Evangelism, Descipleship and Church Planting

“The primary qualification for a missionary is not love for souls, as we so often hear, but love for Christ.” Vance Havner


Evangelism, Descipleship and Church Planting
Making Christ known is AMOR's most valuable ministry. By supporting local ministries we champion the sharing of the Gospel to the lost, disciple and develop mature believers and plant indigenous, Christ-centered churches. We do this through a relational, life-on-life ministry, where we make friends, not just converts.

Medical/Dental Care
A major part of Jesus' ministry was healing the sick, and God gifted physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and even lay people to help accomplish our healing ministry, not only by bringing spiritual help, physical as well.

Biblical Training and Leadership Development
Along with evangelizing the lost, we must disciple those found. With talented Bible teachers, we build up Christians to become dedicated followers of Christ. Get to know our VBS and RBBI ministries.

Clean Water/Health & Hygiene Education
In partnership with The Bucket Ministry and WaterStep, we offer solutions for drinking water, health education and personal hygiene for communities to help preserve water and maintain health.

This ministry may be implemented on short-term mission trips provided that at least one of the team members go through WaterStep's training on health and personal hygiene education. We also make specific trips to install water systems. Visit their website and learn more.

Bucket Ministry
A passionate group of ordinary people from many different churches, different countries and many different forms of life. The ministry's mission is to share the love of God through the gift of clean, safe water. Visit their website and learn more.

VBS (Vacation Bible School)
Teaching Bible themes in a captivating way for children is no easy task. The children of today are the leaders of the Church tomorrow. This is an extremely important part of our ministry.

RBBI (River Bank Bible Institute)
 Leadership and pastoral training for local leaders. This is also a vehicle we use to get feedback from local churches in the field, and pass this information on to our partner churches. Any pastor working in the Amazon valley of Brazil in an evangelical church is eligible to participate regardless of denominational affiliation.

January 26th-31st: RBBI (River Bank bible Institute)

10th-18: International Medical Relief

May 27th-June 8th: Louisville, KY

July 01st-July 13th: Spring Hill, AL/Catoosa, OK
July 15th-27th: Louisville, KY

August/Sep 15th-25th: Aurora, CO
August 30th - September 8th: International Medical Relief

December/Jan 2019 27-8th, 2018 - Jan 7-8th 2019: Murray, KY

How We Get There
AMOR boats: Beatriz and Lori were designed to be safe, fast and comfortable - our home away from home on trips through the Amazon. They are safe and comfortable, air conditioning and ample multifunctional space - used for special activities and also for our rest (hammocks).

Daily meals are prepared by our chefs and staff. We have a special laundry service on board, which guarantees comfort and practicality during missionary work. Our team always offers excellent work to ensure the best trip for our missionaries and volunteers during their time in the Amazon.

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